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Press Release: Mountain View Low Vision Services Acquired by LVI America, Inc.

Mountain View Low Vision Services (MVLVS) has entered into an agreement with the Swedish manufacturer, Low Vision International (LVI ) and its subsidiary LVI America, Inc. LVI America, Inc. has acquired MVLVS and will now be majority owner together with MVLVS founder, Cheryl Saucier. The new company will retain the same name and operate “business as usual” with Saucier as President.

Saucier created Mountain View Low Vision Services in the spring of 2019 to offer a wide variety of high-quality
low vision products for people with vision loss in Tennessee. Based in Chattanooga, the city’s rich entrepreneurial ecosystem allowed MVLVS to attain an early business goal – to become one of the region’s most recognized provi- ders of high-end low vision and blindness assistive technologies. MVLVS has a tightly curated portfolio of products geared towards access to education, success in employment, and independence in community living and at home. The company works with agencies, educational institutions, senior living communities and individuals in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana. LVI America, Inc. has been the largest supplier for MVLVS. The company will continue to represent other assistive technology products from OrCam, eSight, HandyTech, and Taptilo among others.

“Long before I was in the sales business, I recommended LVI products to patients and clients because of the high quality and versatility. LVI has been my largest supplier since the inception of my company. I have appreciated getting to know the LVI team in the Unites States and in Sweden. The leadership fosters an exceptional corporate culture that is a good fit for my mission and values. Our agreement allows me to retain key brands in a portfolio of products geared towards meeting the needs of my customers throughout various life stages. I am looking forward to the satisfying and hard work of growing LVI market share in the region.“ Cheryl Saucier, President MVLVS, Inc.


LVI Low Vision International was started in 1978 in Växjö, Sweden. LVI is today one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic vision aids. All development and manufacturing takes place at the head office in Växjö, where the entire chain from product development to finished product, as well as sales and services, can be found in-house.

The company’s work aims to make everyday life easier for people with visual impairments and give them the opportunity to improve their quality of life. The development of new products takes place in close collaboration with users and professional staff in vision rehabilitation. The products are produced with high demands on reliability and ease of service and are sold under the registered brand MagniLink. In addition to its own products, a large range of complementary products is also offered, such as software for computers, lighting, keyboards, and other ergonomic accessories.

After more than 45 years in the industry, LVI has extensive experience and knowledge in the field of vision and offers a total solution with individually adapted vision aids that, together with a tailored education, create the best conditions for effective work – at school, at home or at work.

In addition to the head office in Växjö, the company also has a sales office in Stockholm, as well as its own subsidiaries in Denmark, Norway, France, Switzerland, Germany, and the USA. Through these subsidiaries and several different distributors, LVI is well represented throughout the world.


For more information refer to:

Henrik Blomdahl, CEO, LVI
Phone: +46 470-727-727

Cheryl Saucier, President MVLVS, Inc.
Phone: 423-763-7118

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