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Prodigy Universal Test Strips

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Vial of 50 test strips for the Prodigy Autocode and the Prodigy Voice talking glucose meter. Capillary Action Technology on the strips automatically draws the right amount of blood for an accurate reading. The easy to handle Flip-Top bottle design makes it extremely easy for someone to open and close the vial. Built-in desiccant keeps diabetes testing strips fresh after opening.


Obtain fast and accurate results
Hear your results instantly
Requires a tiny blood sample
Test right the first time, blood is automatically drawn into strips
Receive these strips at a discounted price (ex: $19.75 each instead of $21.95 each) if you by a quantity of 3 or more at a time.

Note: Due to federal and state food, health and safety laws, this item cannot be returned once opened.

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